Be Remembered With A Microfiber Phone Cleaner

One way to get your product and brand continually in the minds of people is to keep it always before their eyes. Many companies have come up with various marketing solutions to keep their brands in people’s minds, whether would-be clients or existing customers.
The microfiber phone cleaner attached directly to the back of customers’ phones, laptops and computers, is an excellent way to reach out to more people and keep your brand in the face of a wider audience all day.
The marketing benefits you would derive from introducing branded microfiber cleaners to your customers’ and clients’ phones and mobile devices include:

Enhanced Brand Image


If you provide your customers with quality marketing products from the onset, they get to buy into and share your company standards and ideals.
Let them know you represent quality from the first time they patronize you. Talk of making all your customers your brand ambassadors!
Many companies have adopted this marketing strategy. Thousands of companies with big trade show presence have used these screen cleaners, branding the microfibre with customized logos and handing them to the myriads of people that attend their trade shows.
These companies place reorders of the screen cleaners to the tune of thousands and hundreds of thousands at once. Imagine how viral their product and services have gone and will still go with this marketing trick!
Other companies who do not have the luxury of staging a big trade show, take a different approach. They hand out customized screen cleaners to their staffs and one or two extras for members of their families as brand ambassadors.
They also give them out to their customers as gifts of appreciation during holidays. At holiday periods, there is usually a huge rise in sales of microfibre screen cleaners.
So if you have a great idea, product or service, use the microfibre screen cleaners to get your message to the world. It is cheap and effective advertising strategy.
Make your employees, customers and friends your advertising agents by providing a useful product for their phones, laptops and other mobile devices. 



Customer Adoption

Provide a useful branded product for your customers, and they would inadvertently be marketing your product for you. Everyone needs to clean their phones. Those fingerprints, dust and oil smears that gather on our phones with constant use, we want to get rid of as quick as possible. Since the microfibre cleaners are useful for cleaning the screens of phones and other mobile devices, your customers have the need to carry them wherever they go.

High Visibility

When your customers use the microfibre cleaners, they are also providing high visibility for your brand. Some of them will travel to other regions for conferences, seminars or even for leisure. With your branded microfibre cleaner on their phones, your brand or product get to be seen by people there. Some will visit the shopping mall or a coffee shop, there you are also! Your company is visible to everyone who sights the branded microfibre cleaners on their phones.

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